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Document owner Reference number Issuing date Upload date Status Category Standards Subject Download
LOVAG LOVAG Agreement 2013-10-01 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. Low Voltage Agreement Group (LOVAG) - Agreement
LOVAG SEC(LOVAG) 16.003 2016-01-01 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. LOVAG Licence Agreement
LOVAG LOVAG RULES Issue 9.0 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
NA Low Voltage Agreement Group (LOVAG) - Rules of the Agreement
LOVAG G.I., Issue 11 2015-09-08 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. General Instructions: Certificates and Test Reports
LOVAG G.2, 3rd Edition 2008 2019-07-22 Approved
N.A. General Instruction: Measurement Uncertainty
LOVAG G3, Edition-3.0 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N/A LOVAG Mark CERTIFICATION RULES (for products in Full Compliance with applicable standards)
LOVAG G.4, Edition 1.3 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N.A LOVAG Certification Scheme
LOVAG G.5, Edition 1.1 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
LOVAG Witnessed Routine Test Report Rules for products in full compliance with IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 Standards
LOVAG OD 00-05, Edition 3.0 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N.A LOVAG Operational Document for Peers Assessment Of Certification Bodies (Checklists in WORD format)
LOVAG OD 01-01, Edition 1.7 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N.A. Procedure for the Control of LOVAG Test Instructions and Report Forms for Testing, Comparison and Assessment
LOVAG OD 03-01, Edition 1.0a 2010-05-11 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. LOVAG Mark Senior Supervisor
LOVAG OD 03-02, Ed 1.1 2013 2019-07-22 Approved
N.A. Surveillance Tests for mass products bearing a LOVAG Mark
LOVAG OD 03-03, Edition 1.0 2011-04-13 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. LOVAG Operational Document for Surveillance Periods due to classification of licence holders of the LOVAG Mark
LOVAG OD 03-04, Edition 2.0 2013-10-17 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. LOVAG Operational Document for use and operation of Witnessed Manufacturer's Testing Laboratory (WMTL) by a LOVAG Certification Body (LCB) applying LOVAG Technical Witness (LTW)
LOVAG OD 03-06,Edition 1.1 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N.A Requirements for granting the LOVAG Mark, based on test reports, issued by an European Test Laboratory operating for a Certification Body (CB), which is also a recognized LOVAG Certification Body (LCB
LOVAG IT_CT (LOVAG) 20_005 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N.A. Overview and Classification of LOVAG Documents
LOVAG SEC(LOVAG)08.022, Version 5 2021-11-18 2022-05-25 Approved
N.A. Benefits of the voluntary LOVAG Mark
LOVAG SEC(LOVAG)08.021, Version 5 2008-10-10 2019-01-22 Approved
N.A. Lovag Mark - White paper Version 5