The voluntary LOVAG Mark stands for prooven quality.

Upon request by an applicant, a LOVAG Certification Body can grant the right to use the LOVAG Mark on applicant's products.

LOVAG introduces the LOVAG Mark

A LOVAG Mark represents successful passing of complete type tests according to IEC- and EN-standards, initial and regular factory inspections and surveillance tests. The traceability of the licence provides an efficient tool against counterfeiting and allows the mark to be defended. The issued LOVAG Mark Licences are published here:

List of LOVAG Mark Licences


    European Values

    The task of LOVAG Certificates is to secure the peace-of-mind of customers, by guaranteeing the compliance of products. The quality mark is additional based on factory audits and market surveillance actions.

    • Embedding European values: Quality, Safety, Performance, Ethics, Know-How, Seniority
    • Without compromise on the integrity, quality and honesty of LOVAG services